Welcome to For Pete's Sake, the web site that offers you the finest in unique and affordable jewelry, personal adornment and baby bonnets! 

Each piece of For Pete's Sake jewelry makes a fashion statement, and is sure to draw attention to its wearer (much like the pieces that I wear do!) and sighs of envy from your friends.

I use hand-selected, quality stones, gems and metals, and am not satisfied until my jewelry achieves that expensive look but is still affordable.

Each piece is custom-designed to marry the pieces into a harmonious whole. I think the effect is pleasing. I hope you do, too.

I learned sewing, knitting and crochet at a very early age. All are things I'm able to pick up and work on anywhere, anytime. I have crocheted hats,  scarves and headbands all colors (including Bronco colors). My baby bonnets are unique and make a stunning gift for a newborn.

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